Apr 022012

Adobe recently updated the DPS components for InDesign. Before you rush to upgrade you should take a moment to consider you workflow requirements. DPS works across several systems and suppliers, not all of which update at the same time. Though Adobe updates all of its components simultaneously, Apple can take some time to approve the Content Viewer for iPad. If you upgrade InDesign’s Overlay Creator too soon, you’ll find you have generated publications that can’t be previewed on your iPad. To make sense of all the components and the best time to update, Johannes Henseler has created the Caniupdateadobedps? web page. Keep an eye on this to judge when it’s safe to update.

screen shot of caniupdateadobedps

Apple’s ‘New ipad’ comes with a spectacular, high res retina display. If you want your DPS publications to look good on it, you’ll want to take account of it’s new resolution. Bob Bringhurst has summarised some useful points to consider.

Adobe has launched a new developer centre for all things DPS.

For those still deciding on whether or not to publish on tablets, Craig Morrow and Will Steuber offer some interesting analytics to help you think about it.

And finally Zeke Koch, Adobe’s Director of Product Management, discusses the business implications of tablet pubishing using Adobe DPS.

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