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What is Adobe Comp CC

Adobe Comp CC is a new app for the iPad which Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers can download and use.  Comp lets you create layouts on your iPad quickly and easily, allowing you to pull in assetts from your CC libraries, such as images, vector artwork and colour swatches.  These layouts can then be pushed out to InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator for completion on the more comprehensive desktop packages.

Transforming multiple objects with Illustrator

Transform Each – transforming multiple objects with greater control

Illustrator has a number of powerful functions nested away in its many sub-menus and if you aren’t the kind of person who naturally likes to have a snoop around you could be missing out.

Today I want to show you the Transform Each function, a powerful but often overlooked tool you should have in your armory.

Cutting Techniques in Illustrator

Cutting and joining is vitally important when you're trying to build interesting artwork and there are a number of different ways and tools that we can use for this. We're going to look now at some of the cutting tools first.The first tool is in with the Erase tool. It's called the Scissor tool.

Some nice examples of forced perspective

I come across some entertaining stuff while I am browsing various photography and design related sites, and one that I always find quite amusing is forced perspective photography.If you haven't come across this before it is a photography technique that involves using optical illusions to make objects appear nearer or farther away than they actually are.