Jul 012010

There has been a lot of talk lately about HTML5 and whether it would negate the need for Flash.  In fact this turned into a fairly mainstream discussion over the last few months after Steve Jobs made his position very clear, by refusing to support Flash on the iPhone, changing the T’s and C’s of the iPhone developer program and publishing an open “Flash Bashing” letter for all to read.

It looks like not everybody agrees with this position though and John Harding, Engineering Manager at YouTube, has written an interesting post on why “Adobe Flash provides the best platform for YouTube’s video distribution requirements, which is why our primary video player is built with it”.  With Android now running Flash apps on mobile devices, and Chrome actively improving support for Flash it’s looks like plenty of people agree with John Harding on this, and whilst these examples are all Google based a quick search shows plenty more support from other companies as well.

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