After Effects CC Getting Started

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Class Size

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Onsite Training

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After Effects CC Getting Started is a 2 day beginners course on using After Effects for compositing, animating, adding effects and exporting video.


Course Overview

Introduction to the Interface

  • Project panel
  • Composition window
  • Timeline window
  • Layer and footage window
  • Using Quick Search to find elements in a comp or project
  • Auto-save preferences

Importing footage

  • Movies (QuickTime and AVI formats)
  • Photoshop files and Creative Suite Integration
  • Handling audio
  • Illustrator integration

Animation Essentials

  • Animating Transform properties
  • Animation Assistants
  • Understanding Keyframe interpolation and Assistant
  • Using the Wiggler
  • Parenting
  • Pre-compose
  • Pre-composing layers

Working with Masks and Mattes

  • Working with Masks
  • Creating Masks
  • Mask properties
  • Using Trak Mattes
  • Working with Layers
  • Blending Modes


  • Creating and modifying text in After Effects
  • Animating text along a path
  • Formatting
  • Using text animation presets


  • Using effects on layers
  • Levels and Curves
  • Colour correction
  • Blurs and glows


  • Introduction to Keylight 1.2 keying effect
  • Keying footage
  • The roto brush


  • expressions to move properties
  • Expressions working with sound and movement properties

Introduction to 3D Animation

  • Working with 3D layers
  • Working with cameras
  • Working with lights
  • 3D views and Axes
  • 3D camera 


  • The Render Queue
  • Render settings
  • Output module